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The Valhalla Institute,
P.O. Box 43802
Phoenix, Arizona 85080


  • Thanks a lot for this blessed page of yours. When i am overwhelmed or unhappy, i got better when i log to you site here. Thank you all

    • Hi Kim – I honestly have no idea what might be the cause. I will contact my credit card processing company to see what might be the cause. Thank you for your patience! Zane

  • Zane, I was able to download and receive Treat #1 in the email you sent me at 4:24 PM EST today. When I tried to download Treat #2 in the same email, it stated that the offer was over! What happened???

    Thank you in advance for your reply!


    • Hi Debi – sometimes for certain gifts I get a limited # of the gift that when that # is redeemed that message shows. So sorry about that – I make sure that there is other gifts to replace the gift when that happen 🙂

      Love and light,

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