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The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True

The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True
Written by Maria Flynn

The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True

We all have dreams…but with today’s usually overloaded schedules, and a society so heavily indebted to instant gratification and “bigger, better, faster, more…” how is it possible to achieve anything of real substance?

The short answer…action.

However, too often, when confronted with a big dream…sometimes the enthusiasm gets watered down and you experience analysis paralysis. The reality is that it’s better just to get things done and realize they don’t have to be perfect.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it…but it’s only when you take action that dreams take shape.

More specifically… INSPIRED ACTION is what sets you sailing on your purpose and a life of adventure.

Taking inspired action shifts you from existing and reacting in your life to DESIGNING the life you love.

Remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream”?  King took inspired action and moved the masses to ACT (long before social media) to make his dream come true.  He didn’t have all the pieces together before he took inspired action.  He simply had faith.

“Faith is taking the first step,
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
–Martin Luther King

The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True - MLK

When you quickly take action from your inspiration you’ll find results and you’ll discover your next step.

Inspired action is drastically different than action alone.  You can be active and busy all day long and never really achieve any real results.  When you act on inspiration, however, (what comes to you and through you)…you’ll know what to do…

You’ll “think outside of the box”…

You’ll enthusiastically take creative steps toward achieving results…

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you
where there were only walls.”
― Joseph Campbell

The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True

Don’t let busy days and crazy schedules keep you from receiving inspiration and why you’re here.

CREATE the time and the space for dreams to form and inspiration to come to you and through you.  Schedule time for things like meditation, quiet walks in nature, journaling…even taking time out just to think is enough.

Now is an excellent time to start making your dreams a reality.

With love,


The Difference Between Dreamers and Dreams Coming True is written by Maria Flynn from One Wise Life, for more great articles like this one feel free to visit Maria’s site here.

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