Which Animal Do You Transform Into?

Written by Zane Baker

Hey Y’all!

Zane here wishing you an AWESOME FRIDAY!

Let’s start the day with an awesome quiz to know which animal do you transform into?

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Based on your selections, you’ll get an animal.

Mine was spot on!

Honestly, I have no idea how this quiz is so accurate.

I never thought i’d answer few questions and Bam they have me pinned.

But they did 🙂

So what am I? I am a WOLF!

Which Animal Do You Transform Into?


The description says:

You have a beautiful soul and you love to be round loads of family members but when it comes to dinner time you will grab as much as you can before the rest of the family have at it. but you always protect your family and your friends from the unwanted visitors even if they hardly leave you any food at the buffets. you are strong and you’ll never give up fighting for what’s right, you are loyal to loved ones to the end you hopeless romantic you!

How awesome!

Take the quiz to find out what animal you transform into! Let me know your results in the comments.

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