This Week Angel Messages for February 13 – 19, 2017

angel messages feb-13-feb-19
Written by Zane Baker

Daily Guidance from Your Angels. Powerful healing messages about your life purpose, relationships, world events, and more – directly from your angels.

This Week Angel Messages for February 13 – 19, 2017

Greetings loved ones,

Here is another round of your beloved angel messages for the week of Feb 13-19!

This week’s angelic message from the one and only angel intuitive goddess Doreen Virtue is simply heart-opening!

Let’s explore what the angels wants you to know this week!

First, Doreen shares such a sweet story with us about how she rescued Bear Bear from a local shelter in her area and then highlights that this week is the week of love, romance, and compassion!

Let’s watch this week’s video for detailed messages from the angles:

For those who like to read, here are the messages for you:

For Monday and Tuesday, the message is all about finances and career!

This message highlights that financial issues might be a factor in your life right now.

Are you stressed about Money or Bills? Are you living your passion?

To make more money and have abundance in life the angels are telling us to focus on passion in our careers.

So, breathe in deeply and experience this week with all the adventures that it brings you.

If you need help with enhancing your abundance and activate your manifestation centers, then check out this resource:

Key to Manifestation

Key to Manifestation


For Wednesday, and Thursday, the message is about relationships.

The number one thing to focus on for these two days is to let go of control issue. In relationships,co-dependency is natural but don’t impose your will on your partner.

To live in a state of flow with your loved one, let it go and allow yourself to accept help when needed.

The weekend, the message is about the trust

Trust the process, and as the messages from Wed and Thursday said let go of control and trust more. Start by trusting yourself, and trusting your partner if you have one. Trust that The Universe has the best for you.

So as you get ready for the weekend, simply know that you’re amazing and that you deserve the best and always always always TRUST the process.

Here you have it my lovelies.

The week ahead is full of love, healing and transformation.

Learn how to live in a state of flow in every area of life with this amazing video:

key to abundance

Key to Abundance

Live authenticly, love openly and allow the flow of light and abundance to come to you and last but not least trust the process!

Love and Light,


P.s. please pass these weekly messages to your circle of family and friends <3

P.P.S what did you guys think of Bear Bear? Isn’t she a cutie pie!

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