This Week Angel Messages for January 23 – 29, 2017

Written by Zane Baker

Daily Guidance from Your Angels. Powerful healing messages about your life purpose, relationships, world events, and more – directly from your angels.

This Week Angel Messages for January 23 – 29, 2017

Greetings loved ones,

For 2017, I am introducing a new segment which I am calling Weekly Guidance with the Angels.

Each week, I will share with you an angelic message from one of my favorite teachers and guides, the one and only Doreen Virtue.

Let’s start with this week’s message for January 23 – 29, 2017

In this weeks message, Doreen highlights that this week is the week of instant manifestation. Your spiritual power will be amplified by all of the positive work you’ve been doing, and the great energy releasing of the new moon.

Let’s watch the videos for details messages from the angles for this week:

The messages for this week:

For Monday and Tuesday, the message is all about Gratitude!

The path of gratitude us very powerful.

To activate healing and the magnetic energy for manifestation, make sure you make gratitude a daily practice.

So, what are you grateful for this week? Make sure to let me know in the comment section.

For Wednesday, and Thursday, the message is about daily practice.

Practice makes perfect or as Doreen so eloquently said practice makes proficient 🙂

So combine this with the message of gratitude, and you’re golden!

The weekend, the message is sensitivity and being emotional.

There’s a lot going on in the world, so sensitivity is quite hight.

So retreat and go within!

Meditate, reflect and spend time connecting with your higher self and the source and count your blessings.

For those who are feeling extremely sensitive here’s my favorite affirmation from Yvonne Perry:

Sensitivity Affirmations - Angel Messages

Repeat it whenever you feel energetically more sensitive than usual.

I have been using this affirmation for almost 3 years and I LOVE it!

Love and Light,

P.s. please share with me your thoughts about this article and pass it forward to your circle of family and friends <3

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